Sakayanagi did not talk to the second privately, he know one Kiyotaka is actually feeling an atmosphere without having like

Sakayanagi did not talk to the second privately, he know one Kiyotaka is actually feeling an atmosphere without having like

Adopting the survival decide to try, Sae summoned him for the movies where she commended him on their win over the other groups and you can revealed that it was in reality his father who’d expected so you can eliminate your. Once again, he refused the woman consult to progress to A great-Group which she cannot protest instance last date. Alternatively, she just laughed and you may shown this lady expertise in their earlier immediately following the guy stated he would not do just about anything for her in the place of direct facts as to the she states has. Sae next expected him just what he intentions to carry out now, to which he provided this lady a vague address, making her cheerful responding. Betting Online.

From inside the Volume seven, once an interviewing the fresh new school’s chairman, Kiyotaka discovered Sae got never ever contacted their father and you can she is actually just told through the newest president that he is a different sort of beginner. He listed one to their teacher misled him and pointed out in order to the lady you to she one another lied so you’re able to him while the president. Then he noticed that none Sae nor his father have any genuine influence to use so you’re able to eliminate your regarding college, ergo he had been maybe not a slave so you can this lady blackmail and you can given up trying to visit Good-Category just like the he previously you don’t need to get better, ignoring his teacher’s protests that he is wasting their speciality.

Chie Hoshinomiya

Even after lacking one communications on the cartoon, it would appear that Chie has suspicions on the their intelligence, just like the while talking with Honami, she accepted him once the a man regarding D-Class to watch out for the absolute most.

Throughout the white book, that they had another sorts of relationships, where she are shown to tease and you will flirt with your despite are an instructor. This just got a great deal more popular as he presented a lot more of his innate performance such as for example going toe to help you bottom with Arisu within the chess, taking complete marks within the Mathematics whenever actually she wouldn’t solve certain issues being the quickest athlete in school. Kiyotaka, but not, is actually shown to be a little delay of the her antics and you will peculiar character and you can attempts to disregard her. He was agitated one she was not delivering her very own category certainly and you may is actually available to sign up their classification hence when the he try using them they would of course visited Group An once she vented to your. He was offended and you may shared with her to look at the woman individual group far so you’re able to her dismay.

College Chairman Sakayanagi

Whenever expected by Prof Ayanokoji (Kiyotaka’s Dad) as to why Mr Sakayanagi, the school chairman, assist Kiyotaka go into the high school even though the guy wasn’t towards the menu of examinees neither undergone a job interview assessment. His answer revolved around having known regarding Kiyotaka’s reputation regarding the Light Place. The guy indicated that he had very first found Kiyotaka at the rear of the newest cup as he decided to go to the newest business as much as eight years ago together with his daughter, Arisu Sakayanagi. The guy reported that in meeting Professor Ayanokoji, at the time, the second was extremely pleased with Kiyotaka and believed your once the their better work of art for having persisted about knowledge.

Whether or not Mr. Ergo, with particularly a youngsters records, Mr Sakayanagi wanted to bring your having a distinct segment in which he can be inhabit a comfortable-yet-isolated-from-outside-industry form of put – that’s the State-of-the-art Caring Senior school, surreptitiously showing the fresh new passion for an adult figure despite not their actual mother or father.


They satisfied when Kiyotaka and Arisu Sakayanagi was basically speaking of the fresh new factors of your unique exam that had just ended. Kiyotaka discovered that he was the fresh acting movie director of one’s college or university. After carefully exchanging some terms, he began walking past them and you may quickly kicked Arisu’s cane. Immediately following Kiyotaka swiftfully stuck their, he had been pushed by the Tsukishiro resistant to the wall following. Tsukishiro answered that the security camera was actually substituted for an excellent incorrect image, therefore his serves will never be recorded. He proceeded giving Kiyotaka a contact from their father, intimidating your to return with the White Room, that Kiyotaka was not amazed. Despite Tsukishiro’s continued provocation, Kiyotaka selected to not ever retaliate, in the event your digital camera ended up being however tape. Tsukishiro up coming put-out Kiyotaka and you may left, proclaiming one to he’d formally take effect within college or university inside the April. Then made a decision to work at Arisu hoping of getting eliminate him. [2]

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